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Cutie Kim

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Hello, my name is Cutie Kim - adult video actress, gamer, streamer and just a model. My life has been an exciting journey through the world of sexual diversity and exploration. My interests are multifaceted: from drawing to computer games and embroidery on clothes. I see art and self-expression in everything that surrounds me.

Sexuality is an important part of my life, and I try to express my sexuality with openness and respect. I love streaming on Twitch (nickname kmmkt, kittykimmy) and platforms for cam models, where I create a space for honest conversations and exploration of the intimate side of life. Recently, I started actively acting in erotic videos on pHub, which became an exciting challenge and a form of self-expression.

My height is 175 cm, my hair color is brunette, but the real magic for me lies in the intelligence and charisma of the people with whom I communicate.

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